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30.11.2015 Rize, Turkey
The plateau of Pokut is one of the unique beauties of Black Sea region of Turkey’s north. Located in the Çamlıhemşin town of Rize, hides a historical story in addition to its natural beauty. The word ‘Pokut’ stands for “windy valley” in local Armenian language and hints the historical presence of Armenian people of the region. Surrounded by the southern neighbor valleys Fırtına and Hala, lush pine forests cover the plateau. Dense fog of the altitude secludes Pokut and its forests and wooden houses nested in it for hundreds of years.

The highlands in eight different cities that are a part of the Black Sea Region of Turkey, it was decided to connect these lands with a project called ''Green Road'' by the government. According to this project, it was planned to build hotels, restaurants, and ski resorts at 40 different points by the government.

For the natural structure of the plateaus that will deteriorate after this project, villagers protested it for a long time.  But now, for Ayder Plateau which was opened to tourism before, was too late.  Known as "Havva Mother", Rabia Bekar became the symbol of the struggle against ''Green Road'' by resisting the operation of the work machines brought by the army.

Ironically, the project that will make the natural roads of the plateaus concrete is called ''Green Road.''

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