Esra Gültekin is a Kurdish documentary photographer and journalist from Turkey. She had been working as a photojournalist previously based in Diyarbakır, the largest Kurdish city in eastern Turkey, for JINHA in 2013, the all-women news agency before it was shut down by the Turkish authorities.

In 2017, she graduated with a master's degree in Cultural Studies from Istanbul Bilgi University, having written her thesis on the sexual harassment of women in digital media. Her photography has been published in international media outlets including Welt, Taz, Euronews, and various other publications. After the arrest of a foreign journalist with whom she worked in 2017, she was targeted by the pro-government media and had to flee Turkey.

Currently, she lives in Germany, where she continues to build her life, actively pursue her photography projects and writing.



2020, ''The Great Escape'', Float Magazine Online Exhibition


2019, "Tahir Elci Human Rights 2nd Photo Exhibition"  in Diyarbakır, Turkey


2018, "Photography in a State of Emergency" in Berlin, Germany

2015, "The Positive Effects of Science on Human Life" in Tehran, Iran


2013,  "Weneistan" photo exhibition tour in Diyarbakır, Nusaybin, Batman, Kızıltepe, Hakkari and Duhok


2020, Witness Change Online Storytelling Workshop

2017, Erasmus Plus Social Diplomacy | Social Diplomacy - Power of Youth, Germany

2016, "Erasmus Plus Youth4Society | Power of Multimedia - Bridges of Diversity, Albania